Here’s page that contains link from my blog for anime categories. In this blog, you can download various anime movies and episodes. For now, I post only some, but please help me to do better with givimg your comments…

Here’s link to make you find what you want in this blog easier…

Detective Conan ->My favourite anime

  1. Movie : Download complete
  2. Movie : Synopsis for Movie 13
  3. Movie : Review and Trailer for Movie 15
  4. Movie Special : Lupin the Third and Detective Conan Download
  5. OVA  : Download complete
  6. OVA : Link update (OVA)


  1. Movie : All-Download Complete
  2. Movie theme: Download Complete
  3. Review: Doraemon: Space Time Odyssey – (Wan Yan)

Fairy Tail

  1. Opening & Ending: Download Complete
  2. Soundtrack – OST (3 volumes) & Character Song


  1. Movie : Download 
Kaito Kid (The Phantom Thief)
  1. Episodes : Download
Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Maid-sama!)
  1. Episodes : Download
  2. Soundtrack : Download

Okay then, so please happy downloading and surfing on my blog.


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