About ME

Hello, my name is Stefanie. My complete name is Stefanie Pramudita Jaya. I was born in Semarang at September 16, 1993. This is one of my blog. You can visit the other too, just click on the link. I hope my blog post can help all of you guys and gals to find what you want. And if you likes my post, please comment..

My favourite comic: Detective Conan
My favourite novel: Sherlock Holmes. Haha^^
My hobbies: photography and reading
You can also find me at facebook…

Okay… God bless you

8 responses to “About ME

  1. halo, mau nanya doraemon collection nya, masih ada lengkap? Saya mau dong file asli nya :). Kabarin ya kalo bisa minta, thank youu

  2. Thxs. I have searched det conan the movie links for a year but I couldn’t find it until I get your blog. Thx

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