Inuyasha The Final Act Complete (eps. 1-26)

Size: +/- 50 Mb
Extension: MP4
Audio: Japanese

Thanks to the uploader vigvinraj

Size: +/- 50 Mb
Extension: MP4
Audio: Japanese

Episode 01: Inuyasha The Final Act 01 Narakus Heart.mp4

Episode 02: Inuyasha The Final Act 02 Kaguras Wind.mp4

Episode 03: Inuyasha The Final Act 03 Meido Zangetsuha.mp4

Episode 04: Inuyasha The Final Act 04 Dragon Scaled Tetsusaiga.mp4

Episode 05: Inuyasha The Final Act 05 The Great Holy Demon Spirit’s Test.mp4

Episode 06: Inuyasha The Final Act 06 The End Of Moryomaru.mp4

Episode 07: Inuyasha The Final Act 07 The Mausoleum Of Mount Azusa.mp4

Episode 08: Inuyasha The Final Act 08 Among The Twinkling Stars.mp4

Episode 09: Inuyasha The Final Act 09 Sesshomaru In The Underworld.mp4

Episode 10: Inuyasha The Final Act 10 Flowers Drenched In Sadness.mp4

Episode 11: Inuyasha The Final Act 11 Kanna’s Gravestone.mp4

Episode 12: Inuyasha The Final Act 12 Sango’s Feelings, Miroku’s Resolve.mp4

Episode 13: Inuyasha The Final Act 13 The Perfect Meidou.mp4

Episode 14: Inuyasha The Final Act 14 In Pursuit Of Naraku.mp4

Episode 15: Inuyasha The Final Act 15 True Heir.mp4

Episode 16: Inuyasha The Final Act 16 Hitomiko’s Barrier.mp4

Episode 17: Inuyasha The Final Act 17 Magatsuhi’s Evil Will.mp4

Episode 18: Inuyasha The Final Act 18 The Day Of Days!.mp4

Episode 19: Inuyasha The Final Act 19 Kohaku’s Shard.mp4

Episode 20: Inuyasha The Final Act 20 When The Jewel Is Whole.mp4

Episode 21: Inuyasha The Final Act 21 Inside Naraku.mp4

Episode 22: Inuyasha The Final Act 22 Naraku Trap Of Darkness.mp4

Episode 23: Inuyasha The Final Act 23 Naraku The Trap Of Light!.mp4

Episode 24: Inuyasha The Final Act 24 Naraku’s Empty Wish.mp4

Episode 25: Inuyasha The Final Act 25 Unreachable Feelings.mp4

Episode 26: Inuyasha The Final Act 26 Towards Tomorrow.mp4

One response to “Inuyasha The Final Act Complete (eps. 1-26)

  1. Hey there!! thank you very much!!! I love Inuyasha, in fact, I’m writting a fanfic in my blog, check it out please 🙂

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